HYCON INDIA introduces office furniture, chairs and sofa -the complete solution for all your office needs. The ergonomic created furniture meets the most demanding requirements thus combining luxury with functionality.

A great deal is demand of modern office furniture. It must not only meet ergonomic and functional requirements but also provide ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing designs.

For over three decades, HYCON INDIA has dedicated itself to the problem of revolutionizing the way man sits. Face-to-face, ear to ear, we have gathered customer reactions about our furniture in order to create a continuous cycle of improvements, more feedback and even more improvements. This passion for customer intimacy, this tremendous ideas- fusion has brought to a life stunning range of furniture based on individualism innovation and information. Our work is one of the most influential synthetics yet created on the weight bearing relationship between man and his furniture.

Apart from manufacturer and whole seller of the chairs, sofa and furniture, we also undertake film pesting maintenance, sofa cleaning and washing, carpet cleaning and pasting, chair cleaning, washing, repairing, vertical blinds & vinising blinds cleaning, repairing and suppliers and supply chair cloths at your ease.

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